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Developing XyloMatrix technology which enables the production of biodegradable, disposable products manufactured from lignocellulosic waste.

Manufacturing biodegradable, disposable products out of lignocellulosic waste.

Project co-funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Operation Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020 Measure 1.1 „R&D Projects of Enterprises” Submeasure 1.1.1 „Industrial Research and Development Activities Performed by Enterprises”. The project is performed within the competition of the National Research and Development Centre: Fast Track 1/1.1.1/2021. .
Project launch dated: November 1, 2021
Date of completion of the performance of the project: August 31, 2023


Goal of the project

The project aims toat introduceintroducing the innovative technology of processing lignocellulosic waste into biodegradable and disposable products. Within thisthe technology, we plan to use the raw material waste in the form of fibreboards generated by the furniture industry. The new technology planned to be developedto be worked out within the project aims to purify the wood fibre and to process the waste raw material, along with its functionality, into the form of material form out of which a range of disposable products canshall be made, including such as crockery, packages and, fillings.

This way we willshall eliminate the neednecessity to apply pure cellulose from the production process and willshall use the production waste based on chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, which are harmful to the environment and dangerous tofor the health of people and animals. The new production process willshall reduce the costss of raw materials and contribute to the management of the production waste rich in polysaccharide ingredients.

The new properties of the raw material obtained in thise technological process willshall make it possible for our products to have unique properties such as greater water and tear resistance. These properties, among others, can be obtained thanks to the non-application of chemical substances in the refinery of the raw material as they damage the structure of fibres and thus reduce the endurance parameters of the final product. Thanks to our new technology, which is based on the well-balanced development through the elimination of harmful and toxic substances from the economic processes and through the reduction of the usage of natural raw materials, we willshall contribute to the creation of the conditions favourablesupportive forof the physical, mental and social health of the society.

The total cost of the performance of the project


The total sumcost of eligible costs


The amount of funding from the European Union



Performed in stages

The XyloMatrix Technology XyloMatrix willshall enableallow theto production ofproduce biodegradable, disposable products out of lignocellulosic waste. The analysis of the existing technologies, competitors and status of technology has enabled us to determine that the technology in question willshall be a new, innovative solution which is innovative at least on the Polish market. The R&D activities shallwill also lead to the creation ofcreating a significantly better product.
The implementationperformance of research and development activities willshall enable us to draw up the XyloMatrix technology XyloMatrix with properties which will makemaking it possible to determine its iinnovativeness on the national level. ThisIt willshall result from, among other thingss, from the applied raw material, its refinery process as well as its functionality. The leading innovation in the project will be the process, and it willshall directly influence the possibility to introduce to the market significantly more advanced products (in terms of their characteristics) to the market.

First stage

Industrial research

It willshall concentrate on the confirmation of the possibilities to refine the used raw material with the techniques not applied within this area, such as extraction by means of water vapour and/or supercritical CO2.

Second stage

Industrial research

It willshall allow us to verify the product’s hydrophobic and fire-resistant properties (II-IV TRL – Technology Readiness Levels).

Third stage

Development activities

In this stage (Development activities) we willshall get to know how to work out a technological module for refinement (in simulated conditions), which will allow us to obtain the VI TRL.

Fourth stage

Development activities

The fourth stage (Development activities) willshall be about making a module to thermoform within which the material shall be functionalized in its entire structure, and performance of tests in real conditions. Fifth stage Pre-introduction activities

The fifth stage

Pre-introduction activitie

(Pre-introduction activities) willshall include the process of the certification of the material manufactured with the technology, as well as patent application. We assess that the scale of the innovationinnovativeness of the new technology willshall include at least the territory of the Republic of Poland. The technology willshall allow theto managementmanage of the waste raw material waste in the form of MDFs and HDFs, currently used to obtain energy (through combustionis burnt). We willshall propose a new way of using it, simultaneously thinking about the protection of the environment, and theat the same time offer a great added value for clients and final users. The innovation willshall be introduced in our own business activities


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